Tree Care

A Guide to Choosing a Tree

A Guide to Choosing a Tree

Points of Consideration Before choosing your tree variety, determine your hardiness zone. The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map defines planting zones from 1a to 13b. The zone you’re in will determine which species you select. Follow the link to help you determine your zone: . You have decided to plant a tree and the […]

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A Guide to Tree Planting

Points of Consideration As a homeowner, we have a responsibility when planting trees. Of course, we want to choose a tree that is colorful whether that be with beautiful fall foliage or lovely summer blooms but that isn’t the only thing we have to consider. We will cover the main topics that should be considered

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Reasons Why Trees Die

Protect your trees against illnesses, and pest activity. Understanding the causes of tree death can enable you to spot potential problems and take appropriate action. Tree Illnesses In rare cases, tree diseases can kill your trees in a single growing season, wreaking havoc on your trees. The following are a few of the more widespread

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Winter Tree Care

Winter Tree Care

This winter, don’t forget to care for your tree! Even though it’s cold and wet, it is the perfect time to care for your dormant trees. Follow these 3 steps for essential tree care for the winter. Are you thinking about tree care now??? Most people think of spring as the time to address this,

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