Prune while your trees are asleep

Prune while your trees are asleep

Dormant Tree Care – Why it is important to prune during this time

Even though your trees are asleep, don’t forget to care for them this winter. Dormancy is the perfect time to prune your trees.

Disease management

Trees sense a change in daylight and at this point begin making a change on a cellular level to withstand cold temperatures. They actually slow down to store energy during cold winter months, the water transport in a tree is changed by a protein so it turns to sap thus the tree can still survive harsh conditions. The tree’s inactivity along with the outdoor elements, makes pruning during winter beneficial for your trees. Pruning in the warmer temperatures like spring/summer can cause certain diseases to spread, like oak wilt. A raw cut in the winter makes a tree not as likely to attract insects carrying diseases, ultimately transferring it. Not to mention, if there is already a disease present, it’s usually easier to spot on a bare tree.

Good foundation for next season

Pruning trees while dormant can give the tree a better foundation for spring. Pruning while bare makes it much easier to refine the branching pattern and improve the growth direction. If you happen to have a tree that blooms, pruning in the warmer months, after the start of new growth, is most certainly going to limit the blooming potential that season.

Winter Tree Care

Storm prep

Tree trimming during the winter is a practice that keeps trees safer through the season and is a good practice to prepare for storms. A tree evaluation during this time allows you to see damaged branches or potential hazards. Pruning to get rid of weak or damaged branches is a proactive step for winter weather of heavy snow and winds that would cause breakage if not addressed.

Accurate cuts

Exact and more accurate cuts are possible during the dormant season. With the foliage of the tree having dropped in the fall, it makes tree inspection of branches easier. For the same reason, accessing the tree to prune its interior limbs is also much easier and precise. This provides the most streamlined solution for you or your arborist. We are available to help you, reach out for your dormant tree care.

3 Tips for Winter Tree Care


Winter pruning generally saves time and money. The cold weather provides a harder ground providing arborists easier access to your trees, not to mention less damage to your lawn. Now is the time to prune while your trees are sleeping, our experts are ready to assist.