Tree Crown Reductions

Dense Crowns Block Water And Light

Schedule Our Tree Crown Reduction Services To Solve That Problem Now. In The Charlotte, Matthews, Marvin Or Indian Trail, NC Area

People often assume that more growth is a good thing for trees, but that’s not always true. Trees that aren’t part of a forest system don’t have other trees around to help manage their growth. Because of that, some trees grow so many leaves and branches in their crowns that it’s starts to harm them. The thick layer of foliage becomes an umbrella that keeps water and light out.

Fortunately, Queen City Tree Service LLC can provide crown reduction services. Our tree company removes the extra foliage from trees in Charlotte, Matthews, Marvin, Indian Trail, NC and surrounding areas.

Find Out Why Tree Crown Reductions are Important

When you hire us to reduce the crowns of your overgrown trees, we’ll work carefully. Our tree company won’t take away more than a third of the area of their crowns. We’ll make sure that:

  • Rainwater reaches the lower level of the trees
  • Sunlight falls on the inner part of the trees
  • Air can circulate around the tree branches easily

This will all help your trees become healthier over time. Arrange for our tree services right away to support the health of your trees.

tree crown reduction