Tree & Stump Removal

Say Goodbye To Dangerous Trees

Rely On A Professional For Tree Removal Services In The Charlotte, Matthews, Marvin & Indian Trail, NC Areas

Don’t leave storm-damaged trees in your yard. Working with Queen City Tree Service LLC is the best way to repair or remove trees in Charlotte, Matthews, Marvin, Indian Trail, NC or the surrounding area. We use specialized equipment like chainsaws, cranes and stump grinders to give you the most professional tree removal services possible.

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When Should You Schedule Tree Removal Services?

In a perfect world, you’d be able to save all your trees without cutting anything down. However, damaged trees can be dangerous for you and your property. Queen City Tree Service will handle your tree removal services using professional-grade equipment and a highly skilled team.

We recommend tree and stump removal services if your tree is…

  • Broken or otherwise damaged.
  • Decaying, rotting, or diseased.
  • Growing too close to a structure or electrical lines.
  • Blocking your view or construction project.

We offer residential and commercial tree removal services. Contact us today for more information.

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