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Call us for emergency storm damage tree removal in or around Charlotte, NC

When storms roll through the Charlotte, North Carolina area, they can leave a lot of damage in their wake. Queen City Tree Service LLC specializes in fallen tree removal. You can even depend on us for same-day emergency services. We'll take everything down to the roots, grinding down the stump to leave behind a smooth surface.

Trust Queen City Tree Service with your storm damage tree removal. Call us today to set up an appointment.

storm damage tree removal charlotte nc

Thunderstorms often come with a lot of wind, which can damage weaker trees. Queen City Tree Service will cut down and haul away damaged trees on your property. We'll bring in any necessary equipment to provide safe services.

You can turn to us for...

  • Fallen tree removal.
  • Broken branch removal.
  • Leaning tree repairs.

Don't wait around for an ordinary tree care company. Schedule same-day storm damage tree removal by calling 704-606-9696 ASAP.